Intro to Fab: Week 5 – Epoxy Resin with Bass Wood

For this week’s assignment, I decided to play with Epoxy Resin and make something out with Epoxy Resin and Bass Wood. Epoxy resin works well with hard materials, especially wood, because resin is easy to cure and be sanded and be reshaped with wood once its dry. There are many beautiful examples of jewelries, furnitures made of epoxy resin and wood : 

Inspired by this, I bought epoxy resin starter kits and some basswood from Blick. then use the band saw in the shop to cut an oval shape on a piece of bass wood. But then the bass wood piece was way too soft than the ply wood, and it broke when I was drilling a hole on it using the drill press.


01Prepare woodSo I got a new wood board, drilled a hole at the center of it and used the Dremel tool to give one side of the hole a nice, smooth edge. What I pictured was that, when the resin dries out in the wood piece, it creates a irregular shape as if the water is floating out from the wood.

04Using Dremel

Then I started to exert equal amount of the resin with the hardener into a clean mixing cup, adding a few drops of the pigment liquid I bought. Then I thoroughly mix the two liquids for 2 minutes using an stir stick, and let the mixed liquid resting for 5 minutes.

06挤入resin and harder

Then I carefully dripped mixed resin into bezels, the hole on the wood piece, using stir stick and used two clamps to avoid liquid leaking from underneath.

09First Wood
Then I used the containers and the wood boards  I have to create three more tests, playing with different shape of containers, different amount of pigments mixing with the clear resin liquids. The instructions said it took about 8-12 hours for epoxy resin to be fully dry and 3 days to be fully curable.

11Prepare for more wood

16Waiting for dry

Although I’ve wear gloves when playing with epoxy resin, skins around my fingers still felt a bit dry after the experiment.


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  1. I’m glad you are trying resin. Wood and resin can look beautiful together. I’m confused though. Is the ring from the first image your piece? Is the work still drying/curing? Will there be more work done to the piece(s)?

    When working with a casted material, drying and curing time must always be taken into consideration. If it take 3 days to cure, that’s three days you can’t work with it.

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