Visual Language: Week 5 – Poster Design for ITP Winter Show

I am very obsessed with the simplicity in Japanese posters, so I searched a lot Japanese style posters when doing brainstorming. And I got inspired by the following picture. The red/dark green/ beige color palette and the grid layout reminds me of the sketchbook I used back in high school in China.


For the content of the poster I used graphic tablet to draw a girl diving out from the dark ocean. Because I feel ITP gives students courage to break the limits they used to have and explore a wider world. I also resized and rearranged the positions of the text boxes for the dates of the ITP show as the “splash”(mainly because I didn’t know how to draw splash properly). And to give it a nice final touch and to make it look like a wax crayon-drawn picture, I put a crystalized filter on it.

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