Visual Language: Week 6 – Name Card

1. The Final Design:

The two pictures above are the front and the back designs of my name card: The whole design uses only three colors, dark blue, black and white, and one font: Julius Sans One, which I got from Google font. I went through lots of sketching before I decided the elements used in this name card design. I started with the logo, brainstorming how could I represent my characteristics and aesthetics in my logo. I thought about playing with silhouette, re-arranging name letters and many other ways. Then I thought of a portrait of mine drawn by one of my friends, in which he drew me happily sitting on a horse. I love the portrait, so I traced it and made it my logo. (I made two versions of the logo, one for the front, one for the back)




When designing the back of the name card, I tried to keep the information about me as simple as possible. So I only wrote my English name, identity (designer) and the link to my personal website. I also wrote my Chinese name using calligraphy brush and traced it.

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