Pcom: Final Project Brainstorming

Nick and I decided to work as a team in our final project. And we have some vague concepts of what we really interested in doing for our final projects.

1. Designing a game using “Shadow Play” to play quick calculation game:

We’ve all played “shadow puppets” when we were young. So we are curious if we could detect and recognize hand gestures/body gestures, and turn these gestures into numerical input so users could use the “shadow play” to answer quick calculation questions. For example, when given the question “6+8 = ?” on the screen, users (could be two users) could use either hand gestures or body gestures to make sign of “14” to answer the question.

2. The Continuation of the Robotic Hand

It was a great experience working on robotic hand design for our midterm. But we both realize that the idea of having a robotic hand to play “rock paper scissors” was very superficial and old-fashion. We both don’t want to only be obsessed with the technology, and want to take the robotic hand we’ve played with to the next level. We were discussing that we could use different hand gestures made by the robotic hand to design an installation that explores the  ideas of “social space zone” and “personal space zone” in interpersonal relationship.

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