LIPP HW1: Cell phone footage


Trained as a journalist for long, when I look through the camera viewfinder or at my phone screen, my eye to the world has always been looking for some “stories” to tell. This shooting assignment, interestingly, explores a new way of observing the world about its “visual texture” instead of the linear logics among events happening around the world.

The texture cuts I have now in my hard drive are a combinations of clips that I shot mostly with my iphone and some old footage I shot when I travelled around over the winter break. The process of shooting, picking and labeling “visual texture” clips are still confusing, yet very inspiring to me. I paid more attention to process the image I saw and shot as elements with different texture, movement, color and light. I captured a bunch of footage about dazzling lens flare, shining waves, spinning cd player, kitty walking on the bed, couple dancing in front of merry-go-round and the beautiful lighting setup in the live performance I went to. When collecting footage I didn’t have a clear storyline underneath them as I purposely do so, because I simply want to set myself free from being “storytelling” and just follow where aesthetic leads me. But then I did get lost when trying to sort or label all these clips.I was confused if I should categorize them by texture/movement/color/light? Or just simply labelling them by the content could be more convenient for future reference? I am still exploring.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 4.15.24 PM

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