Nothing HW6: Finals and Syphon

Final proposal ideas:

1. The avatars of gods: The ultimate existence of the gods always goes into “nothing” – It is relying on different kinds of avatars that the gods could find their existence among human societies. This project would discuss the concept of “Trinity” in religions and the relationships between avatar, human belief and the idea of spiritual gods.
2. The illusion of privacy:  How naked are we under mass surveillance? Does our “sacrifice” of privacy bring about more safety? The project idea is to create an experience of people being massively, secretly watched
3. Double / Mirror:  Our minds are always conflicting, and what we choose to behave are usually the result of this kind of debating. The mindset could be viewed as the talk between two “selves” : The two “selves” agree on / argue about or even fight against each other for domination upon the other. This project is to visualize this invisible. illusionary conflict we’ve all gone through.


Me and Chengchao and Xiran have used Syphon with MadMapper for our midterm, “The Psychedelic Stairs”.  For future projects, I would like to use Syphon and generative arts to recreate the kind of time described in Einstein’s Dream: in which the closer you are to the center of the circle, the slower your time goes.
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