Expressive Interface HW#2: In the Air

In the Air is a two-part garment that adapts muscular, powerful impression of “super hero”  into a feminine, elegant  expression. The garment piece consists of two objects: a wide, black Obi  and a black organza veil. When someone stand closely in front of the garment piece, the sensor-triggered fan on the back of the Obi (The wide, black sash) would gently blow the veil up.

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 8.52.28 PM




In classical movies, cartoons and comic books, the image of super hero has been stereotypically defined as a muscular man in tight outfit with long, red cape that is always flying, demonstrating his power and domination. Therefore, the flying cape has gradually become an iconic symbol of “man power”. While on the other side,  female garments such as the wedding veil and the Obi, traditional sash for Japanese Kimono are considered to carry the implication of  tenderness and submissiveness. I want In the Air to redefine the concept of “power”, using airy, light-weight, delicate textiles to show “woman power” that was supposed to be seen in man’s red cape.



Powered by a 9v battery, the circuit for In the Air uses Arduino Uno as the microcontroller to connect the ultrasonic sensor, the sensor that detects the distance of an object in front of it, and a 12V fan. When using hand to hover over the sensor, the fan would be triggered. I sewed a pocket on the front of the Obi to easily put electronic components inside inside, wires to connect the microcontroller with the fan go along the waist from a hole I poked inside the pocket.





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