Electronic Ritual Final: Spirit-slist



The experience of shopping on Craigslist is like exploring an unknown world. The website with almost no UI design could lead you to all kinds of selling or buying requests that might be beyond your imagination. For my final project, I, refer to the original craigslist webpage, want to redesign the process of  seance as straightforward and easy as shopping on craigslist. So I created a “magic world” called spirit-slist, which is a website that is for you to shop for the right medium for your seance experience. It could process your request, and lead you to different categories that have different types of medium.

I found a magic world behind craigslist

Spirit-slist is a magic platform to search for the right medium for your seance experience, just like you searching for second-hand bicycles on craigslist. This magic platform hides behind the real craigslist website.

To enter it,  you should go to the craigslist page and read out loud the passcode: “Connect me….with nothing….which is to say…connect me with anything.” The magic platform then would gradually unfold in front of you.



Then, you can ask the question you want to know through your seance experience, the webpage would process your question with magic power, then prompts you to the right column to refer to. For example, I would ask, “I want to connect to my cat, who died two years ago.” The page would show up the column “community”, which has submenus called “pet” & “lost & found”.

The last function, when you say “please lead me to customer services agent,” spirit-slist would process your request and prompt “proper” medium to learn about your concern and needs and connects you to the mysterious world. For example, the picture of Starbucks’ coffee cups is referred to the traditional coffee ground reading, and picture of Hong Kong actor Lam Ching-ying dressing as a Taoist priest refers to Taoist spirit calling ceremony. When you are done consulting with these agents, you could simply say “back to the reality,” and all the customer service agent pages would be shut down and closed. And you are back to the homepage of the normal craigslist page.


The tricks

I demonstrated Spirit-slist as a live performance during my final presentation. And the tricks of this project are two folds: writing a chrome extension that enables all the functions I’ve designed when I visit the real craigslist page, applying p5. speech library that listens and processes the words I say and triggers different functions based on different keywords. Chrome extension API (https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/api_index) provides us with many special-purpose APIs such as chrome.tab and chrome.windows to control and play with tools and elements within chrome browser.





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