Electronic Ritual Final: Spirit-slist

Spirit-slist https://github.com/tongwu226/spirit-slist The experience of shopping on Craigslist is like exploring an unknown world. The website with almost no UI design could lead you to all kinds of selling or buying requests that might be beyond your imagination. For my final project, I, refer to the original craigslist webpage, want to redesign the process of 

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Expressive Interface HW#2: In the Air

In the Air is a two-part garment that adapts muscular, powerful impression of “super hero”  into a feminine, elegant  expression. The garment piece consists of two objects: a wide, black Obi  and a black organza veil. When someone stand closely in front of the garment piece, the sensor-triggered fan on the back of the Obi (The wide, black

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Nothing HW6: Finals and Syphon

Final proposal ideas: 1. The avatars of gods: The ultimate existence of the gods always goes into “nothing” – It is relying on different kinds of avatars that the gods could find their existence among human societies. This project would discuss the concept of “Trinity” in religions and the relationships between avatar, human belief and

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Electronic Rituals #4: Mr. BehindYou

The project is hosted on Tong Wu’s GitHub page at https://tongwu226.github.io/Mr.BehindYou/ Inspired by the case study of ouija board adventure, I collaborated with Yipeng Chen to create this experience called “Mr. Behind-You” for our fourth meditation for Electronic Rituals. It tries to create an experience in which you call a spirit to do automatic writing, but

Nothing HW5: Moma Visit

  The motif for this Moma visit are two folds: the different interpretations of the concept “Nothing”, and the development of art styles as how artists react differently toward the WWI & WWII.  The Enigma of a Day  Paris, early 1914 Nothing as no boundary between reality and unrealities The Enigma of a Day by Giorgio De

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Nothing HW4: Einstein’s Dream

With the disguise of “dream”, the excerpt was trying to illustrate the abstract concept of “time” being non-linearly progress, by portraying different shapes of the world, when time, whose measurement is the base of the order and the spiritual system of human world, is in shapes more than just an irreversible progressing line.   When

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Electronic Rituals #3: Shower-omancy

Showeromancy : tongwu226.github.io/showeromancy/ This mediation, together created by Tong Wu and Yipeng Chen, is a way of divination that records the length of the shower time and the actual time in a day. A nice, clean interface as shown in the picture has two buttons. Once the “Take a Shower” button is clicked, the project would