Nothing HW3: Midterm Ideas

Midterm Collaborating with Xiran Yang and Chengchao Zhu Three ideas & locations We would like to create a physical installation / sculpture whose appearance is going to vary based on where the user is standing. Therefore, the ideal location would be at a round corner of the building. A projection mapping project which can create

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Electronic Rituals: Meditation #1 – Electronic Rituals The Indecision Space

Introduction For the first meditation assignment, with Dan Oved as my collaborator,  we created the Indecision Space, a mobile-friendly ritual accessed at This is an “electronic” ritual that visualizes the conflicting thoughts we usually have when making a decision and explores how human’s minds are influenced by unrelated implication when making decisions. In the system

Nothing HW2: Seeing is Forgetting

From lines to dots, from dots to discs, from discs to columns, then to further experiments, Robert Irwin has always been in his practice of “answering questions.” As the book reads, which I find as the most inspiring quote in this reading,  “there is a dialogue of immanence…that certain questions become demanding and potentially answerable

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Nothing HW1: F for Fake

A “fake” movie about fakers who creates forgeries tries to answer the question about real: “What is real, about art, or further, about life?” What a philosophical discussion. Falsity and truth, being and nothingness, reality and illusion. Are there boundaries between them? Or are they just the yin and yang grown out from each other within one Tai-Chi

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LIPP HW1: Cell phone footage

  Trained as a journalist for long, when I look through the camera viewfinder or at my phone screen, my eye to the world has always been looking for some “stories” to tell. This shooting assignment, interestingly, explores a new way of observing the world about its “visual texture” instead of the linear logics among

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ICM-Final: “Flappy Shadow”

1. Final Presentation     “Flappy shadow” is a project by Kai Hung and Tong Wu that allows users to create and fly a virtual bird from shadow puppets. 2. Inspiration: We’ve all played hand shadow / shadow puppet, as it creates a simple but mysterious virtual world through the magic trick of light. And

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PComp-Final: “The Hand”

1. Final Presentation As the continuation of their midterm project , Tong and Nick decide to develop their ideas and design a RPS game robotic hand (and arm) that are more interactive and with more personalities. The final presentation for this project is an installation in which users could simply come and play with the RPS

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